PCNC research and development laboratory

Educational stand with Russian CNC system WinPCNC of PCNC type and with kit of methodical support

Educational stand is completed by broad assignment CNC system, built on base of industry-oriented personal computer, possessed open architecture, module hardware and module methodical support.
It assigned for higher school specialists education on modern systems of computer numerical control, including operators and work planners of CNC machine. Stand mobility is defined by capability of its carry by power of two peoples.  

Engineering data:
• Operation with control programs in ISO-7 bit code
• Operation with control program is more than 10 MB
• Automatic mode
• Manual input mode
• Jog mode
• Mode of diagnostics and machine parameter setting
• Open architecture
• Block input from simplified operator panel, graphical context help for specific G-function
• Syntax and semantic control and correction of input data
• Definition of current G-vector (corresponding to CNC system condition) in every point of control program
• Scanning of G-vector coordinates for current block
• Realization of special operations with blocks (axes scaling, block renumbering)
• Debugging facility of control programs with capability of tool path modeling
• Software controller of relay ladder logic system with inputs and outputs, located on panel
• I/O controller
• Interface language is Russian/English.

Methodical support and documentation:
• Operator manual in electronic writing on Russian
• Backup copy of applied software in view of installer on CD
• Laboratory works on basic programming, spline programming (Akima, cubic and NURBS splines), machine parameters tuning.



              Technical characteristics & User guide (682 Kb) RUS