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Attention! Certified instructors lead unique NC-840-HPGS(HochspracheProgrammierung STANKIN) “Practical work of programming of multiaxis machine with frames and CNC system SINUMERIC 840D/Di splines using” course in the MSTU “STANKIN” CNC systems laboratory on the partner course with Siemens firm. This course developed for operator-programmer and allows theoretical and practical knowledge on a programming of all kind of spline contour, angel miter, compression using and standard cycle projection to a slope plane at controlling program makeup for SINUMERIK 840D systems.
More about NC-840-HPGS cource » 

Also is the course NC-84D-P “SINUMERIK 810D/840D/840Di programming” is leads. This course is computes for operator-programmer preparing. The course provides basic knowledge for controlling program makeup for SINUMERIK 810D/840D/840Di systems.
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Educational stand with WinPCNC control system and complete set of methodical maintenance 

Educational stand is completed by broad assignment CNC system, built on base of industry-oriented personal computer, possessed open architecture, module hardware and module methodical support.
It assigned for higher school specialists education on modern systems of computer numerical control, including operators and work planners of CNC machine. Stand mobility is defined by capability of its carry by power of two peoples. »

ArtNC - 50%

The WinPCNC numerical coltrol system usage on laser engraving machines allows increase product processing efficiency twice ».

NEW! Dear colleagues, thank you for the expressed interest and support of Sosonkin V.L., Martinov G.M. “CNC systems” and “CNC systems programming” educational supplies. Logos publishing house (Moscow) realized books production. More about it see here ».

This project is intends for CNC systems users and developers and also for scientific organizations and institutes of higher education, which train students on “Automation and control” speciality in engineering industry. The project is placed in two versions: on English and Russian languages. 

This site covers following basic questions

  • modern achievements in control systems field in our country and abroad;
  • new ideas in CNC area; 
  • development methodologies of systemic and applied control system software;
  • new technologies of CNC systems software development;
  • programs of academic courses and laboratory practical work.

There is special part, containing methodological supply of academic process, which orients for preparing and training of specialist (users, technologist –programmer and developers in CNC systems field).

Regular update of information on the site allows to fix change dynamic and tendencies of advance in control systems industry. 

 In our laboratory several CD disks with scientific materials, devoting for CNC range of problems, were prepared:

  • CD-ROM «Conception of modern CNC systems»;
  • CD-ROM «CNC machine programming»;
  • CD-ROM «Morphology of applied applications of CNC systems»;

This disk collection regularly is increases and adds with new materials. One can know more about this publications here ».

In the laboratory CNC system was developed. System bases on PC and has full controllers set for external devices connection. The methodological supply kit for laboratory works teaching with CNC system is presents. Academic-edition of control system of PCNC type destines for training of CNC systems principles of operation in nonproduction environment, but has all functional possibilities of industrial CNC system type. One can know more about PCNC system here ».

Area of interests

R&D laboratory of Numerical Control systems is a part of the Institute, "Computer-architecture control systems", in the Moscow State Technological University STANKIN. STANKIN University is busy, in particular, with theoretical and practical developments in the area of numerical control. The R&D laboratory has designed the concept and prototype of the new-generation NC system with the open and modular architecture.


Laboratory of Numerical Control cooperates with some foreign companies, which are dedicated to creation of NC systems. The creative modern approach to implementation of software, applying the newest software tools (and our own in their number), - all this makes it possible to develop competitive products. Laboratory of Numerical Control has also good ties with Russian industry and high school.

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If you are interested in our information, do not hesitate to contact us:

If you are interested in our information, do not hesitate to contact us:

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Phone: +7 (499) 972-9440
Fax: +7 (499) 972-1873

17.01.2012 Congratulations to developers collective of Computer Control System Architecture Department on winning awards of VII International Salon of research, innovation and new technologies "MEDINNOVA - 2011" »
11.12.2011 Congratulations to the Computer Control System Architecture Department development team on winning awards of exhibition PTA-2011 »
16.11.2011 Congratulations to graduate student of Computer Control System Architecture Department Kuliev A.U. »
16.10.2011 Fourth All-Russia multiconference on management problems (MKPU - 2011), Divnomorsk (3th - 8th, October, 2011) »
01.07.2010 AxiOMA Ctrl has been bed-tested on the milling manufacturing centre MC-400 »