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AdvancEd NC Editor

AdvancEd presents itself to be a multi-functional problem-oriented editor of flow programs for NC (Numerical Control) systems; this editor could be either embedded into the NC-system software or used as an independent application in some technological department, responsible for implementation of flow programs. AdvancEd provides all functions of the standard text editor and, besides, a number of additional properties, which are specific for NC flow programs. These specific functions are:

  • Inputting flow-program blocks from the simplified operator panel; graphical context help for every G-function; 
  • Syntactical and semantic tests; correction of inputted blocks; 
  • Calculating the current G-vector (in accordance with the NC system status) in any point of the flow program; looking through coordinates of the G-vector for the current block; 
  • Fulfilling special operations with blocks, such as axes scaling, re-numeration of blocks, etc.; 
  • Working with text files of any volume with higher speed as compared with well-known systems; 
  • Invoking external applications; 
  • Debugging flow programs with the help of breakpoints; simulating the tool trajectory.

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  Software for Windows Vista



WinPCNC (Windows Personal Computer Numerical Control) system is one-computer NC, which is built on the mighty platform of the personal computer with both the Windows NT operating system and the real-time extension RTX 4.1 of VentureCom. It refers to the PCNC class (Personal Computer Numerical Control), i.e. to the class of "personal control systems", which is fairly supposed to be the most promising class of new-generation NC systems.

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