PCNC research and development laboratory


AdvancEd - the environment for implementing and debugging NC flow programs

AdvancEd is a multi-functional problem-oriented editor of NC flow programs; this editor could be either embedded into NC-system software or used as an independent application in technological departments, which are busy with implementation of NC flow programs. AdvancEd possesses all functions of the standard text editor and a lot of additional functions, which are specific for editors of NC flow programs.


Numerical Control system WinPCNC

WinPCNC (Windows Personal Computer Numerical Control) system is one-computer NC, which is built on the mighty platform of the personal computer with both the Windows NT operating system and the real-time extension RTX 4.1 of VentureCom. It refers to the PCNC class (Personal Computer Numerical Control), i.e. to the class of "personal control systems", which is fairly supposed to be the most promising class of new-generation NC systems.


Equidistant converter

The equidistant convertor is intended to realize the equidistant correction in NC flow program files for those NC systems, which lack the corresponding embedded mechanism. Converter inputs are flow program files in the ISO7bit language. Convertor outputs are processed data also in the form of flow program files in the ISO7bit language. As a matter of fact, the convertor is an interpreter of those G-functions, which have an attitude to the equidistant correction.


Contour analyzer

The contour analyzer is intended to evaluate and transform afterwards the initial geometrical contour of the part into some new contour, taking into consideration given parameters of the tool used. The new part geometrical contour consists of elementary sections, lines and arcs.