PCNC research and development laboratory


During last ten years collaborators of the NC systems laboratory develop separate (isolated) applications and embedded (built-in) modules for different control systems (CNC and PLC). All implementations are based on the object-oriented approach, COM approach and OLE Automation approach.
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During this period of time the laboratory was busy with:

  1. Experienced Web-development - since 2003;
  2. Implementing Perl-scripts - since 2002;
  3. Implementing Java-applets - since 2002;
  4. Implementing sophisticated ActiveX control elements and COM-servers - since 1998;
  5. Programming real-time systems, using VxWorks and RTX for Windows NT 4.0 - since 1998;
  6. Programming under MS Windows NT v.3.51, v.4.0 - since 1996;
  7. Programming under MS DOS and DOS 4GW, - since 1994.

In the process of work we use the following software development tools:

  1. Microsoft Visual C#;
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ v.6.0, v.7.0 (.Net);
  3. Microsoft Visual Basic v.6.0;
  4. Jbuilder v.7.0;
  5. Active Perl v.5.6.;
  6. PHP 4.3.x.;
  7. CASE system, Rational Rose;
  8. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe v.6.0 –  the tool for maintaining the implementation of program codes;
  9. Bound checker –the tool for verification of the source code;
  10. Install shield - the tool for creating installation programs.
Our team consists of 12 developers, which are either collaborators of the board "Computer-architecture control systems" or post-graduate students (the last year of education). Normally, students are not engaged. They could be employed only as testers.
The language of documentation might be Russian and English.

Area of interests

R&D laboratory of Numerical Control systems is a part of the Institute, "Computer-architecture control systems", in the Moscow State Technological University STANKIN. STANKIN University is busy, in particular, with theoretical and practical developments in the area of numerical control. The R&D laboratory has designed the concept and prototype of the new-generation NC system with the open and modular architecture.


Laboratory of Numerical Control cooperates with some domestic and foreign companies, which are dedicated to creation of NC systems, like Siemens, Heidenhain, Bosch Rexroth, Andron, M&R Numeric, Servotechnica. The creative modern approach to implementation of software, applying the newest software tools (and our own in their number), - all this makes it possible to develop competitive products. Laboratory of Numerical Control has also good ties with Russian industry, high school and research institutes, like Laboratory No 18.

Our contact points

If you are interested in our information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Post address: 3a, Vadkovsky per., 101472, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (499) 972-9440
Fax: +7 (499) 972-1873