PCNC research and development laboratory

AdvancEd, the environment for implementation of NC flow programs

AdvancEd presents itself to be a multi-functional problem-oriented editor of flow programs for NC (Numerical Control) systems; this editor could be either embedded into the NC-system software or used as an independent application in some technological department, responsible for implementation of flow programs. AdvancEd provides all functions of the standard text editor and, besides, a number of additional properties, which are specific for NC flow programs. These specific functions are:

  • Inputting flow-program blocks from the simplified operator panel; graphical context help for every G-function;
  • Syntactical and semantic tests; correction of inputted blocks;
  • Calculating the current G-vector (in accordance with the NC system status) in any point of the flow program; looking through coordinates of the G-vector for the current block;
  • Fulfilling special operations with blocks, such as axes scaling, re-numeration of blocks, etc.;
  • Working with text files of any volume with higher speed as compared with well-known systems;
  • Invoking external applications;
  • Debugging flow programs with the help of breakpoints; simulating the tool trajectory (see the pic. 1).

AdvancEd is equipped both with the message system and the system, diagnosing critical errors.

There exist a lot of versions of the flow program language; in this connection, in order to correctly edit flow programs, it is necessary to adjust AdvancEd to the concrete language. This adjustment could be made by means of describing the language version in some special configuration file. For AdvancEd-WIN32, we suggest the software tool, intended to develop configuration files, - CFG_Editor.

Pic. 1. AdvancEd in the mode of debugging flow programs

Up to the time we have versions of AdvancEd for different platforms, DOS16, DOS4GW32 and WIN32. For two first versions, there exists a possibility of localization; the possibility to set up the environment, the possibility to set rights of access to directories. In the separate set-up file, there are descriptions of all dialogues and error messages. To localize the AdvancEd editor for the WIN32 platform, it is necessary to substitute corresponding resources.

Today, there does not exist any competitive analogues of the AdvancEd editor with the same set of services and the same productivity. All known systems are unable to be set for the concrete version of the flow program language, they are unable to correct the syntax of inputted blocks.

AdvancEd is evolving and will be built like a COM-server (Component Object Model) for standard usage in different client applications.

 andron-editor Version 1.20m++ Copyright (C) Andron GmbH 1988-1993 Le DOS 7.10 (038-I) Aedit Version 2.2 Copyright () 1983, 1984, 1985 Intel Corporation XYZPRO32 Edit Plus Copyright () 1995-1996 Ascendant Technologies AdvancEd DOS version 1.35 AdvancEd DOS4GW version 2.0 AdvancEd Win32 version 1.4
Jump to the file end 547 sec.123 sec.65 sec.85 sec.21 sec.18 sec.
Saving the edited file 664 sec.132 sec.35 sec.86 sec.21 sec.21 sec.
Line search 559 sec.128 sec.175 sec.89 sec.25 sec.22 sec.
Saving the block 390 sec.324 sec.not realized87 sec.21 sec.22 sec.
Loading the block 239 sec.not realizednot realized88 sec.24 sec.23 sec.
Deleting the block 830 sec.172 sec.0 sec.141 sec.37 sec.2 sec.
Re-numeration of the block not realizednot realized750 sec.1362 sec.364 sec.524 sec.
Calculating the G-vector not realizednot realizednot realized823 sec.176 sec.302 sec.

AdvancEd is supplied with setups for the concrete version of the flow program language in the form of the self-extracted archive together with necessary documents in Russian and in English in the Microsoft Word format, Windows 95, version 6.0/7.0.

As a whole, AdvancEd is a problem-oriented editor of NC flow programs. The main peculiarities are: context help; high productivity, when working with very long files; ability to be adjusted to any version of flow programs.

AdvancEd demo version (for Windows) - 5837Kb.

AdvancEd detailed description (.pdf) - 649Kb.