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The implementation of the modern control system lies out of borders of the trivial and arbitrary engineer task. Development of the control system is the creative activity now; and it requires knowledge from adjacent areas, which are projected to problems of real-time control. Often it is a compromise between flexibility and high productivity of the control system. In all cases the solution of problems depends upon the non-standard thinking of developers. We have spent dozens of men-months to find key solutions in the area of control. Multiple publications of our specialists in the central technical press open our know-how and experience to create one-computer NC systems.


Methodic and tutorial supplement for high schools

PCNC - the tutorial option. It is the PC-based NC system with the full set of controllers for external devices. It is provided with the set of methodic brochures, supporting the laboratory practice. The tutorial (office) version of the control system, PCNC type, is intended to study principles of the numerical control in the non-industrial environment. Nevertheless it has full functionality of normal industrial NC systems.


Laboratory of Logic Cycle Control

Laboratory of Logic Cycle Control.The typical Laboratory of Logic Cycle Control has ten training places; and any place is equipped with: the personal computer, the programmable controller and a special module (the stand), which simulates the work of the target, logically controlled system. The programmable controller is built into the simulating module. This module has the autonomous power supply. Electrical circuits of the module are internal; they are fully hidden from the user.



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