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16.10.2011 Fourth All-Russia multiconference on management problems (MKPU - 2011), Divnomorsk (3th - 8th, October, 2011)

Fourth All-Russia multiconference on management problems (MKPU - 2011), Divnomorsk (3th - 8th, October, 2011).

The All-Russia multiconference on control theory problems passed in rest house territory « Golubaya Dal’». The complex territory is entered in the «Red book» as a architectural monument  and represents beautiful park with well-groomed flower beds, the big rosary, scenic avenues and decorative pools. It is organically connects to the urban forestwith the pitsunda pines, with  total area over 800 hectares, and the beach length accounts for 200meters.

The aim of fourth All-Russia multiconference on management problems (MKPU - 2011)  was to provide a forum for scientists and engineers to discuss fundamental and applied researches in the field of processes control and its practical application in various spheres of human activity. The Russian Academy of Sciences (IPU the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) academician Vasilev Stanislav Nikolaevich opened the conference.

The scientific program of conference has united a wide range of questions which were discussed within the limits of three local scientifically - technical conferences:
• «Artificial intelligence and control» (IIU - 2011);
• «Mehatronics and ergatic systems» (MES - 2011);
• « Distributed network-centric and multi-agent control systems» (URSiMS - 2011)

Such interdisciplinary approach helped experts of various scientific directions to exchange ideas and achievements in the developing the control theory by difficult objects and systems, and also practical results of creation highly effective information - operating systems.
Statistics for full-time (arrivals) applications:

From (FSBEO) (HPE) MSTU "Stankin" at the conference have been presented  following reports:

1. Nezhmetdinov R. A, Kuliev A.U., Chervonnova N.J. Building of the distributed control systems based on autonomous PLC  for controling the  waterjet cutting machines electrics (section - URSiMS).

2. Kovalev I.A., Kozak N.V., Abdullaev R. A., Sokolov S.V.  Domestic based on an industrial protocol CANBUS mechatronic systems control specificity (Local Scientific and Technical Conference - MEA).

3. Martinov G.M., Obukhov, A.I., Bondarenko A.I. SERCOS - drives and laser beam deflection systems control organization within the NC (section - MES).

4. Martinova L.I., Pushkov R.L., Sorokoumov A.E. Mechatronic modules -machines control specifity on the protocol PROFIBUS (section - MES).

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