PCNC research and development laboratory

Laboratory of Logic Cycle Control

The typical Laboratory of Logic Cycle Control has ten training places; and any place is equipped with: the personal computer, the programmable controller and a special module (the stand), which simulates the work of the target, logically controlled system. The programmable controller is built into the simulating module. This module has the autonomous power supply. Electrical circuits of the module are internal; they are fully hidden from the user.

Pic.1. The general view of the laboratory.

Thus, the simulating module consists of two main parts: the Siemens PLC, S7-224; and the panel with stylized graphical view of the controlled target system, including effectors and feedback sensors. Switching effectors is indicated by light indicators on the module panel, which are integrated into the graphical view in order to understand, whats happening with executable devices. Switching feedback sensors is simulated manually with the help of buttons and switches. Light indicators, buttons and switches are connected with inputs and outputs of the PLC S7-224.

Pic. 2. The module (stand), simulating the work of the lathe.

The typical laboratory has three modifications of simulating modules; and each has its own target executable system: the cycle logic of the turning machine tool; the mechanism of changing tools for mills; the machining center. Every modification has its own panel with light indicators, buttons and switches. They could be used to debug and simulate a lot of arbitrary cycle logic tasks.

Pic. 3. The module (stand), simulating the magazine mechanism, changing tools of the mill.

Pic. 4. The module (stand), simulating the automatic production line.

The Siemens software tool MicroWIN32 is installed at the personal computer. PC is connected with PLC with the help of the PPI serial channel; Pc uses the standard port RS-232, at that.

Methodical manuals support the laboratory works: "Fundamentals of programming S7-200"; " The description of simulating modules (stands) with a number of recommended tasks".

If you are interested in this information, we are ready to invite you, to demonstrate the equipment, to answer your questions, including those, connected with commerce. We know the technology of production of described tutorial work places; in this connection we suggest to supply the full laboratory complex, including hardware and software, i.e. PCs, PLCs, simulating modules, methodical manuals. Of course, you are able to buy computers and PLCs by yourself. In this case we shall only manufacture simulating modules; we shall teach you and provide methodical manuals.